Clair de LuneSE switching to show jumping and going to Olympian Rich Fellers!!

Clair de LuneSE is ready to rock! Going to Rich Fellers to have a new career in showjumping!! After a 1 1/2 year off due to a 2″ tear in his RF SDF tendon, we are excited to move from an eventing to a showjumping career. A big thank you to Marilyn Little for year and a half she had him in eventing and introduced him to showjumping at WEF. Thanks also to Liz Cornell for his training to 4th level dressage. To celebrate, we are offering a half price breeding special of $750 for any contracts signed before Dec 31, 2015. As always thanks to our clients, and sponsors who have supported Clair de LuneSE, especially my daughter, Mickey, who has been rehabing him and bringing him back for the last 6 months!

Rose Sullivan's photo.

February 2015 Update


Darco breeding donated by SE Farm brings in highest bid of BWP breeding auction at $4525–Congratulations to Monique Keitz for being the highest bidder! We hope you get a lovely foal.

Congratulations to Jennifer Phethean for winning the breeding to our YEH champion eventing stallion, Clair de Lune SE.


We are anxiously awaiting the birth of four foals this spring, two of them Darco ICSIs. We will update with details once the foals are on the ground!

Welcome to SE Farm!


Situated on 20 acres in beautiful Newberg, Oregon, amidst the Chehalem mountains, SE Farm has been breeding world class equine athletes for 13 years.

We have imported the best European jumping bloodlines from stallions such as Darco, For Pleasure, Corrado I, Caretino, Contender, HeraldikXX,  Liostro, Cathalido, and many more, incorporating them into our breeding program  to produce  top Eventing/Grand Prix Jumpers. 

Here at SE Farm we specialize, with the help of IN Foal INC, in advanced equine reproduction. Many of our foals are products of such procedures  such as embryo transfer, oocyte transfer and ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).   To date we have produced 8 embryo transfer foals out of high end performance mares.  We have 1 oocyte  transfer, and 6 ICSI’s born to date. We are expecting an  additional ICSI filly  from the legendary stallion Darco for 2016. 

In addition to selling fresh or frozen semen from our approved BWP stallions, we offer custom breeding via the advanced equine reproductive services of embryo transfer and sperm injection. (ICSI).  We also offer our clients the  oocytes (eggs) from our proven performance mares for use in producing a foal.  We feel our successes in breeding has not only depended on using top sires, but on proven well bred performance mares.  We have a variety of mares available for custom breeding. (see our custom breeding page)

We are one of the few breeders in the world to offer semen and offspring for sale from the legendary DARCO.  We offer a LFG for any foals concieved via the ICSI procedure.  We also offer semen from For Pleasure, Consul, Juventus and various other stallions.

Feel free to contact us for questions and check out our youngsters competing all over the United States in 3 different disciplines with various partnerships.  For 2016 we are very excited to showcase 3 Clair de LuneSE 6 year olds who will compete with their respective partners in the eventing world.