1/2 price stud fee to Clair de Lune SE offered for a limited time

SE FARM is offering for a limited time a ½ price stud fee ($750) to Clair de Lune SE!!
For contracts signed by Dec 31, 2017 you can breed your mare to the #1 North American bred Warmblood sire of event horses for 2017!
As a young sire, Clair de LuneSE is already proving he is producing not only talented offspring, but winners in both the eventing and showjumping worlds!! In 2016-17 he has produced the #1 and #2 North American bred 5 yr old young event horses, a 5 year old Young Jumper Finals champion, dozens of high scoring (above 80%) FEH and YEH finalists and top finalists on both coasts at 4 and 5yr old YEH finals for 2 years in a row.
His foals have been champions in the BWP foal futurites and won USEA awards for year end high points.
Most of his babies share the following traits: great brains and trainablity. They are quick, scopey, brave, and have alot of heart.
Take advantage of this special opportunity to sign up for a fresh cooled semen breeding for your mare. Please email me to rsullivanse@gmail.com for contract and info.  See below current Champion offspring sired by Clair de Lune SE!

Sired by Clair de Lune SE- the #1 North American bred YEH for 2017!


Sired by Clair de LuneSE- the 2017 #2  North American bred 5 year old YEH!!

Sired by Clair de LuneSE- the 5 year old Young Jumper finals Champion (Corinthian) for 2017!!

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