Clair de LuneSE switching disiplines: from eventing to showjumping with Rich Fellers!


Clair de LuneSE is ready to rock! Gone to Rich Fellers to have a new career in showjumping!! After a 1 1/2 year off due to a 2″ tear in his RF SDF tendon, we are excited to move from an eventing to a showjumping career. A big thank you to Marilyn Little for year and a half she had him in eventing and introduced him to showjumping at WEF. Thanks also to Liz Cornell for his training to 4th level dressage. ¬†As always thanks to our clients, and sponsors who have supported Clair de LuneSE, especially my daughter, Mickey, who has been rehabing him and bringing him back for the last 6 months!

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