Breeding Season has started!

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Breeding season has started. We are busy shipping frozen semen for ICSI procedures from our stored Darco, and For Pleasure reserves. We will be adding Corrado I, Pikadero and Caretino to our ICSI collection shortly.

In two weeks we will begin collecting and shipping Clair de lune SE, the 2020 #1 North American bred “elite” and the #3 USEF leading sire for eventing.Clair won the ’09 5 yr old YEH West Coast finals with a 87.78% score. He has numerous year end offspring wins in both FEH and FEH with scores as high as 89.98% (Creme de la Creme SE) Clair is now retired to meet the increasing demand for his fresh cooled semen which wasn’t available when he was competing.Clair has produced numerous 2**L and 3***L offspring, including Mi Campeon SE with Taryn Nolte (3***L), M-Creme de la Creme SE with Alexis Helffrich (3***L), and Morning Glory SE, with Erin Sylvester-Kanara (3***L) and Cloudy de Lune SE with Caitlin Davison,(2**) and Cosimo SE with Joa Sigsbee (Intermediate) His oldest offspring are just 11, so we are excited to see how far they will go!Other young horse accolades from his offspring include a fabulous 2021 FEH West Coast finals win with Janine Jaro’s Trilogy, who also won the FEH finals in 2020! In 2017 he sired the Young Jumper Finals Champion, Mi Campeon SE and has had numerous hi point and foal futurity Champions with the BWP.SE Farm is proud of having bred such a talented stallion, and that at age 17, he has already produced such quality youngsters. His babies are known for their brave, wonderful minds, amazing gaits, rideability, and of course the incredible love of jumping anything and everything! His babies can be ridden by amateurs, as well as developed by professionals for the upper levels.

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